Put Your Life in Perfect Order with Fino Chest Bag

For women,buying bags cause bag's gorgeous looking,It's not applied for men.Use it for holding thing  is all the men looking for. Leaving pack at home and dress lightly when hang out with someone is probably men's best wish! However,It's no cool for men that wallet,phone,ipad,kindle,power bank stuffed into our pants pockets!your shoulder and back is belong to your girlfriend  rather than your backpack .All I looking for is a magical bags that is features mega storage capacity and invisible shape.Today I found it here right now!
Mega storage system enough to retire  your backpack!   

NIID-FINO shoulder crossbody chest bag pack typically men's pack with digiatal storage and sling shape which are popular in north Ameriaca.Just one fabric,you can find everything your need in this bag.

Let's us check out what's in FINO chest bag ?ipad mini,Kindle,mobilephone ,power bank,wallet,key,passport,earphone,sunglasses,USB cable,pen,book,etc.With that large contains space benefit to its multiply layered storage design.  
There are feature three lining of interior. The first lining padded 7" ipad sleeve and long wallet within the main compartment.

I put one kindle,plump wellet and Anker mobile power in my FINO,and there're still space out there! Kindle is protected by interior quick-access min pocket.

It's more easy to moving around a crowded subway when I'm reading that just open that zipper,throwing into FINO .      
The second lining's space can contained one Kindle PW approximately,as a suggestions,it's better for size like mobile power or Walkman,cause bottom lining's  space is enough.

It's definitely no problems for second lining holded iphone 7 Plus within phone porcket with stable magnetic clasp.

Mobile power and  cable packed into the third lining that is smaller space,perfect for bus card  storage.

This FINO  does not look too bulky even when full,I'm still look cool.

FINO subvert classic chest bag's design stand out with gun package design,unyielding man style and slim figures that fit your waist.

One cool features anti-theft that protected your essentials safe and sound.

That's my real appearance as I contained many stuff into FINO and did up my buttons. if I've never said I've carring a bag you may not figure it out.

 Easy take off bag from your body by quick-release buckle and this sweet design can be found everywhere in FINO.  
270g light weight design ,whether you wear it or not almost makes no difference .  
There's  no need to worry about my FINO bag getting wet  due to the superior quality Eco-Poly water repellent material.  
Night reflective ribbon,more sense of security,hanging earphone,sunglasses,etc.  

New design YKK RC zipper with unique oval slot,keep sewing thread from overing friction effectively which enhance its longevity.  
Just like picture shows it looks elegant!  

One FINO can apply to those occations below.  
NIID-FINO  is available on www.niid.com now.Only $59.99!Click the picture below for purchasing!

FINO from NIID,a bag design brand in Virginia,USA.   
NIID also standed out with UNO,the world first interchangeable backpack for carry men's every-day essentials,unique design with one fabric,one zipper,one backpack.
FINO-put your life in perfect order!Let's take your style to the next level with the awesome NIID-FINO sling shoulder crossbody chest bag pack!
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